Headset cap BONZ Street | with hole for brake hose


Unique and perfect small parts for your street trials 24" bikes if you are searching solution for your front brake hose guidings trught headtube and fork steerer tube. Unique designed stem cap BONZ for street trials 24" bikes which is made from 4 pieces, which are connected to each other and work like a stem cap and also like a star nut. Weight only 60g. New street trials tricks can start now!

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- stem cap with hole for front brake hose
- replaces start nut with the expanding inner part
- three small inbus bolts which are expanding the ring when tightening
- hole inside the cap with 10mm diameter so you can use all types of brake hoses like MAGURA or HOPE
- made from very durable 7075 T6 aluminium
- made for fork steerer tubes with size 1-1/8"
- perfect for your 24" trials street bikes (OZONYS SMITH, STYL, CROWN, or INSPIRED ARCADE, FLOW and others)
- weight only 60gr

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