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The CREWKERZ JEALOUSY ULTIMATE trials bike is the top of the line in trials bikes and the highest class of bike offered by CREWKERZ! The new 2024 model brings with it improvements over previous versions, a revised look and of course its unrivalled strength and stiffness. This trials bike has no other goal than to bring riders and racers the highest quality! Hydroformed tubes give the frame an instant response to every rider movement and a quick return to its original position, raw aluminium paint without adding unnecessary weight, optimised frame height and fitted with the best components from the WAW range. Racing bike with carbon fork and handlebars fitted with TRIALTECH Jack Carthy front brake with MAGURA HS33 calipers and HOPE Tech 4 Trial Zone rear brake with 160mm HOPE TRIAL disc.

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The frame of the CREWKERZ JEALOUSY ULTIMATE trial bike is made of hydroformed aluminium alloy tubes. The hydroformed tubes give the frame an instant response to every movement of the rider and a quick return to its original position. The frame is equipped with mounts for the rim hydraulic brake using IDM adapters (4-bolts with sleeves). The CREWKERZ JEALOUSY ULTIMATE is equipped with a lightweight carbon WAW ULTIMATE fork also with attachments for the rim hydraulic brake using IDM (4-bolt with clamps). The WAW ULTIMATE carbon handlebars further reduce the weight of the bike and create a racing edge! The JEALOUSY ULTIMATE trials bike comes with a TRIALTECH Jack Carthy front brake with MAGURA HS33 calipers and a HOPE Tech 4 Trial Zone rear brake with a 160mm HOPE TRIAL disc. This trials special really brings you the best you can get on the aluminum frame cyclocross market! The unmatched quality and strength of the frame, fork and other components has been unrivaled in this category for years!

New features for 2024 model

  • change in the strength of the frame tubes to achieve the necessary amount of reinforcement and reduce sagging, softening or avoiding cracking and increasing sensitivity
  • TRIALTECH Jack Carthy front rim brake + MAGURA HS33 calipers
  • HOPE Tech 4 Trial Zone rear disc brakes
  • Modified 120mm head tube with integrated head assembly
  • New head tube and down tube connection to reduce twist and increase stiffness
  • New connection between rear structure and centre tube to increase frame stiffness and faster pedal response
  • New carbon pulley tensioner with smaller 9T wheels (50% lighter than previous aluminum version)
  • Modified WAW AS30 cranks with reduced overall weight and elimination of sharp corners for increased rider safety
  • HASHTAGG rims, which bring parallel sidewalls, weight reduction and a modified aluminium alloy admixture to improve braking performance (for rim brakes)
  • Modified carbon fork and WAW ULTIMATE stem (including a new, more restrained design)

Main benefits

  • polished aluminium with matt black paint in combination with black accessories
  • AS30 centre axle and CREWKERZ AS30 handles
  • integrated pulley tensioner
  • fixed axle on front and rear wheel, which extremely increases the strength and stiffness of the wheel
  • tapered head tube with extended bottom diameter to 1.5"
  • asymmetrically positioned lower frame tube to absorb pedaling/jumping stress on the chain side
  • hydroformed tubing and a solid frame design that stays rigid for a very long time!

Components list

  • Frame: CREWKERZ Jealousy ULTIMATE (selected length)
  • Fork: CREWKERZ WAW ULTIMATE 1.5" tapered 20" HS33 carbon fork (surface - UD carbon fiber layer)
  • Headset: CREWKERZ tapered integrated
  • Stem: CREWKERZ WAW ULTIMATE 155mm x 20° (forged)
  • Handlebar: CREWKERZ WAW ULTIMATE carbon handlebar (lenght 720mm / height 108mm)
  • Grips: CREWKERZ foam grips
  • Front Brake: Lever TRIALTECH Jack Carthy Signature + MAGURA HS33 calipers
  • Rear brake: HOPE Tech 4 Trial Zone  + HOPE Trial 160mm rotor
  • Cranks: CREWKERZ WAW AS30 160mm (2-piece cranks / SHIMANO HG freewheel/pinion mounting system with lockring)
  • Pedals: CREWKERZ WAW Single Cage
  • Freewheel: CREWKERZ 135p/18t (SHIMANO HG mounting system)
  • Pinion: Steel CREWKERZ 12T (SHIMANO HG mounting system with lockring)
  • Chain: KMC Z1eHX (black)
  • Chain tensioner: carbon CREWKERZ roller pulley (with 9T wheels)
  • Bashplate: CREWKERZ mini (black)
  • Front Wheel: WAW Hastagg Edition 20" 32mm rim + CREWKERZ WAW hub / 8mm thru axle
  • Rear wheel: WAW Hastagg Edition 19" 47mm rim + CREWKERZ WAW hub / 12mm thru axle
  • Front Tyre: 20" x 2.0" Monty Pro Race
  • Rear Tyre: 19" x 2.5" Monty Pro Race


  • Length = 1010mm or 970mm
  • Chainstay lenght = 350mm
  • BB Rise = +85mm
  • Head tube angle = 71,5°


  • complete bike in 1010mm lenght = 7,6kg

Data sheet

Bike fork material
Bike handlebars material
Bike frame material
Bike front break type
Rim hydraulic
Bike rear break type
DISC hydraulic
Bike brake mounts
Rim 4-bolts
BIke headset
BIke steerer tube
1 1/8" - 1.5" (28,6 - 38,1mm)
Bike bottom bracket type
Bike crankset type
Bike crank lenght
Bike fork dropouts
Thru axle
Bike frame dropouts
Thru axle

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75,000 Kč