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20" trials bike CREWKERZ JEALOUSY ULTIMATE is the best what you can get on the market with aluminium trials bikes! JEALOUSY bikes are the highest models from whole CREWKERZ trials bikes family. Modely year 2022 brings small improvements compare to previous versions! New design and also better stiffness than other brands on the market! A trials bike that sets no other goals than bring BEST TRIALS BIKE on the market! Upgraded frame, new aluminium polished color with black matt finish assembled with the best components from the WAW brand offer. Professional racing trials bike with carbon fork and handlebars WAW ULTIMATE. Bike comes with hydraulic disc brakes HOPE TECH 3 TRIAL ZONE in combination with HOPE TRIAL 160mm disc rotors.

60,331 CZK
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The frame of the CREWKERZ JEALOUSY ULTIMATE trials bike is equipped with mounts for the disc hydraulic brake using PM mounts. This trials bike is equipped with a very lightweight carbon WAW ULTIMATE fork with also PM (Post Mount) mounts for the hydraulic disc brake. The WAW ULTIMATE carbon handlebar further reduces the weight of the bike and creates a racing edge! The JEALOUSY ULTIMATE trials bike comes with hydraulic disc brakes HOPE TECH 3 TRIAL ZONE + HOPE TRIAL 160mm rotor. This trials bike special really brings you the best you can get on the aluminum frame trials market! The unmatched quality and strength of the frame, fork and other components has been unrivaled in this category for years! Enjoy the CREWKERZ JEALOUSY ULTIMATE with WAW ULTIMATE carbon components!

The special CREWKERZ JEALOUSY ULTIMATE trials bike is equipped with the best CREWKERZ / WAW has to offer!

These are 100% racing components and the bike as a whole is really incredibly stiff and strong!

New features for 2022 model

  • thickness of frame tubes has ben changed for better and effecient behavior like less torsion, optimize nervousness and reduce possibility of crack in the frame
  • frame is now more sensitive to any impulse from frider and reverts to its original position more quickly than previous versions
  • all components are now designed to black color to match the frame decals
  • new taper sleeve // tapered (Perfect junction between down tube and sleeve) which increase steering precision, reliability and dynamism on the front of the bike
  • new BB yoke to optimize the nervousness and reliability of this frame necessary for modern trials riding
  • upgraded cranks WAW AS30 where was added material to gain optimize nervousness / torsion and add better responsivite to each pedaling
  • rims are now HASHTAGG, which bring parallel sidewalls, lower weight

Main benefits

  • polished aluminium with matte black paint combined with black accessories
  • AS30 bottm bracket and cranks CREWKERZ AS30 2018 (2 piece / with rounded edges)
  • integrated roller pulley tensioner and vertical dropouts
  • thru axle on front and rear wheel, which extremely increases the strength and stiffness of the whole bike
  • tapered head tube with extended bottom diameter to 1.5"
  • asymmetrically positioned down tube to absorb pedaling/jumping stress on the chain side
  • frame construction that stays rigid for a very long time!

Components list

  • Frame: CREWKERZ Jealouy 1010mm
  • Fork: CREWKERZ WAW ULTIMATE 1.5" tapered 26" DISC carbon fork (surface - UD carbon fiber layer)
  • Headset: CREWKERZ tapered semi-integrated (black)
  • Stem: CREWKERZ WAW ULTIMATE 150mm x 35° (forged)
  • Handlebar: CREWKERZ WAW ULTIMATE carbon handlebar (riser) with lenght 720mm / height 108mm
  • Grips: CREWKERZ foam grips
  • Front Brake: HOPE TECH 3 TRIAL ZONE + HOPE TRIAL 160mm rotor
  • Rear brake: HOPE TECH 3 TRIAL ZONE + HOPE TRIAL 160mm rotor
  • Cranks: 2018 CREWKERZ WAW AS30 160mm (2-piece cranks / SHIMANO HG freewheel/pinion mounting system with lockring)
  • Pedals: CREWKERZ WAW Single Cage
  • Freewheel: CREWKERZ 135p/18t (SHIMANO HG mounting system)
  • Pinion: CREWKERZ 12T (SHIMANO HG mounting system with lockring)
  • Chain: KMC Z610HX (black)
  • Chain tensioner: CREWKERZ roller pulley - black
  • Rockring: CREWKERZ AS30 (black - rotatable rockring for right and left foot in front)
  • Front Wheel: WAW Hastagg Edition 20" 32mm rim + CREWKERZ WAW hub / 8mm thru axle
  • Rear wheel: WAW Hastagg Edition 19" 47mm rim + CREWKERZ WAW hub / 12mm thru axle
  • Front Tyre: 20" x 2.0" Monty Pro Race
  • Rear Tyre: 19" x 2.5" Monty Pro Race


  • Length = 1010mm
  • Chainstay lenght = 350mm
  • BB Rise = +85mm
  • Head tube angle = 71,5°


  • complete bike = 7,7kg

Data sheet

Fork material
Handlebars material
Frame material
Front break type
DISC hydraulic
Rear break type
DISC hydraulic
Brake mounts
Tapered 1 1/8" - 1.5"
Bottom bracket type
Crankset type

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