Chain 3/32" KMC Z610 HX SILVER

KMC is well known producer of quality chains for all bike disciplines. Everyone can choose from KMC wide supply. Biketrial riders choose KMC chains due their long life and good combination with light weight!

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- light but very durable chain as fitted to many complete bikes and used by best riders in the world including Gilles Coustellier, Vincent Hermance and Benito Ros
- can be used with 8 speed gear systems, but works best on single speed setups
- 7.8mm pin width
- mushroom head pins to eliminate splayed links.

'SP' Stretch Proof design helps prevent stretch in the plates, a common cause of breaking. This also means less frequent adjustment is necessary when the chain is new (on 20" bikes or 26" bikes with horizontal dropouts for example).

- supplied with a KMC 'missing link' (quick link), which can be used to join the chain but we don't recommend it for high load use!
- 1200kg max. load capacity.
- 330g (full length)

Keep in mind that you are supposed to change a chain every 6 months due to high stressed put on chains in biketrial riding. Regular check and maintenance is recommended! 


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