Sapim Leader spoke

Outstanding quality, stifness, durability - main characteristics of Sapim spokes which are produced by this belgium brand. Sapim spokes are used by world best riders. Sapim is guarantee of quality.

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5 Kč
4 Kč tax excl.

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Sapim has almost 90 year experience with spoke production. For spoke production are used only materials of the best quality. Low weight and great strength are main attributes of Sapim spokes. 

- spoke is butted at its middle to 2 mm
- diameter at the hub side of 2 mm
- diameter of thread 2,0 mm

- strength 1180N/mm2
- Available colours: silver / black
- Available length: 250mm - 304mm


Weight: 6,6 g for 260mm
Weight: 7,5g for 290mm

Price for 1 piece.


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