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Bleed kit from MAGURA for disc brakes and rim brakes. Bleed kit type PRO  is kompaktible with Magura MT and also Magura HS33, HS11 etc. Kit includes all necessary like 250ml mineral oil Royal Blood, external botle for oil, barbed fitting, syringe, connecting hoses.

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- bleed kit MAGURA type PROFESSIONAL
- compactible with MAGURA MT, MAGURA HS33 / HS11 brakes
- thanks to this kit is possible to bleed and fill all disc and rim Magura brakes

Balení obsahuje:
- 250ml mineral oil Royal Blood
- 1x syringe 30ml
- 1x barbed fittng for brake bleed with short screw M6
- 1x hose with MT brake connector in EBT hole
- 1x hose for bleeding
- 1x external botle for mineral oil

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