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Full-carbon cockpit CLEAN TRIALS COMBO which combines carbon stem and carbon handlebars in one piece. Unique carbon construction, which brings to the trials world extremely strong handlebars and stem. Light carbon cokpit CLEAN Combo is light and still very strong and durable, which transfer all the power from your hands to your bike / handlebars and to your jumps. Made from high quality Japan carbon fibers. UD finish thanks to which is almost not visible the carbon structure. Supplied with three types of inserts, which alowes to set different angles of whole cockpit. Weight 370 (+21g stem cap and +23g aluminium inserts for the cockpit angle settings). 

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  • Expedition in 24 hours. Expedition in 24 hours.
  • Return of unused goods within 14 days. Return of unused goods within 14 days.
  • the clean trials Combo is the last revolution in the trials bike, a high range model for the most demanding trials bikers
  • developed and tested to the highest level by Abel Mustieles itself, World multichampion of trials bike
  • this is the first integrated handlebar and stem mix, designed exclusiely for trial bikes
  • made 100% in carbon fiber UD and in one piece to achieve the best possible stiffness
  • with the new combo the problems with the handlebar moves are removed, typical crunches or the perfect alineation with the stem middle.
  • the base of the stem that support the steerer tube is designed in angle, with only 33 mm in the rear part and 43 mm in the front one, for avoid possible frictions in the knee it is attached with the tube through 2 steel screws M6x30(allen nº5)
  • icludes aluminium stem cap and steel screws M6x30 (allen nº5) 
  • weight: 367g (+ an additional 21g of the head cap and screw and 23g of the insert), for a total of 414g


  • handlebar length: 720mm
  • supplied with 3 inserts made of aluminum, with different angles (0º, 2º and 4º) to allow the handlebar to be placed in the most suitable position. Depending on the chosen insert and its position (highest part facing forward or backward), different geometries can be obtained
  • the maximum adjustment range for the length (measured from the center of the head tube to the center of the handlebar) is 18.5mm, with a minimum length of 231mm to 249.5mm
  • the maximum adjustment range for the handlebar height (measured from the base of the stem, including the insert to the center of the handlebar) is 33.60mm, with a minimum height of 133.2mm to 166.8mm. In the following drawing you can check all the possible geometries that can be achieved depending on the chosen insert and its position.


  • Forks with 1-1 / 8 inch steerer tube, which equates to a 28.6mm diameter
  • Grips with a standard inner diameter of 22.2mm.
  • BE AWARE! This stem requires that the excess length of the fork tube be a minimum of 31mm, in order for the bolts to tighten it safely

For more informations about this new full-carbon CLEAN TRIALS cockpit please read our blog news here:

Clean Trials 2.0

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