TPA pin in CLEAN T13 brake lever


Replacement TPA pin for CLEAN T13 brake lever made in high quality aluminium alloy in red color. Compactible with CLEAN T13 brake levers, Racing Line and Magura HS33 model 2005. Weight only 2g.

132 CZK

  • Expedition in 24 hours. Expedition in 24 hours.
  • Return of unused goods within 14 days. Return of unused goods within 14 days.

- made from high quality aluminium alloy 6061-T6
- compactible with CLEAN T13 V1 / V2 / V3, Racing Line and Magura HS33 2005 brake levers
- red anodised color
- sold singly
- weight: 2g

Clean Trials 2.0
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