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Magura produces high quality brakes for many years, including the legendary HS33 hydraulic rim brake. Although brake design has changed through the years, the brake name HS33 remains the same. This particular brake is 2011 desing.

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Reference :BRSCRWMAGHS33M6
25 Kč
21 Kč tax excl.

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Magura HS33/HS11 Piston


- Available in two variants (Primary M6/M8, secondary M6/M6)

- For all types of hydraulic rim brake (also Echo and every HS33/HS11 type)

- Please check you are ordering the type of piston you really need!

- Piston is delivered including all conecting and bleed bolts.
- For brake assembling is needed one from both of piston variants!

Piston variants:
Primary piston M6/M8
 is attached to main hose and secondary hose.

Secondary piston M6/M6 is attached to secondary hose.


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