Sprocket CLEAN | steel | screw-on | 10mm


Screw-on single speed sprocket from CLEAN TRIALS. Made from heat threated steel alloy. 10mm wide base and theets in the center of the sprocket base. Extremly durable with in black color. Compactilbe with all 1/2" chains.

Number of cog teeths
413 CZK
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  • Expedition in 24 hours. Expedition in 24 hours.
  • Return of unused goods within 14 days. Return of unused goods within 14 days.
  • screw-on sprocket made from high durable steel heat threated alloy
  • 10mm wide base for better connection with hub
  • compactible with all 1/2" chains
  • theeths are in the center of sprocket base
  • standard screw 1.37" x 24tpi is compactible with all standard single speed screw-on hubs 
  • weight: 27g (12T), 37g (13T)
Clean Trials 2.0
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Spline system
Screw-on 1.37 X 24tpi

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