Carbon cockpit CLEAN COMBO
Carbon cockpit CLEAN COMBO
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Maybe your already saw that CLEAN TRIALS factory decided to integrate together stem and handlebars in one piece. More than that, they decided to use a carbon fibers to make this possible and still very light. The weight of the whole piece will be a bit lower than on standard combination of aluminium stem and carbon handlebars.

Trialové karbonové kolo CLEAN K1 World Cup


Maybe the first your think about new cockpit is if the whole piece can hold the large amount of the force during the trials riding.

You should know that this final version is truly not a first version of this cockpit which CLEAN TRIALS made and there was a long term development and testing in real enviroment same asi complete CLEAN carbon trials bike CLEAN K1 in 20" and also 26" version. So you can relax beacuse this cockpit can hold everything what you are doing on your trials bike! This cockpit also tested all riders from CLEAN trials team and made a points for final version. The CLEAN Team riders can't leave their training schedule because there is a problem with their cockpit, so all must be perfect for whole season and during all races.

Combination of handlebars and stem in one single piece is in fact not so unusual, but could see this for a long time on road bikes. It is fact that the road bike cockpit doesen't need to hold so much stress like on trials bike, but as you can also see, the CLEAN TRIALS COMBO cockpit is truly not same as those on road bikes. It have much more materials and bigger wall thickess, so it can hold much more than a extremly light road bike carbon cockpits.

From which materials is COMBO cockpit made is ofcourse CLEAN's factory secret. but it doesen't matter if you are not carbon fiber specialist. What is important is that this cockpit can hold those crazy forces during riding and still keeps the weight very low and was tested by CLEAN TRIALS team and also with Abel Mustieles - world champion.

Karbonový kokpit CLEAN COMBO


What you probably said at first glance at CLEAN TRIALS COMBO cockpit......... "What the hell they did with the setting of a stem / handlebar angle....what a dumbs?" I think that this was the first tought which everybody had in his head when saw this carbon trials cockpit. But you can cold CLEAN TRIALS are not totally dumb's and they also delivered very special setting possibility for this.

You can set the height and also handlebar angle thanks to special inserts which are supplied with every cockpit. Those inserts can be installed on fork steerer tube and the cockpit sits on them perfectly. There is a three types of small inserts which can be a turned for 180° which whill change the angle setting and also height and reach of the handlebars.

Higher angle / higher handlebars thanks to insert:

CLEAN COMBO nastavení sklonu představce řidítek vložkami

Lower angle / lower height of the handlebars just with same insert turned for 180°:

CLEAN COMBO nastavení sklonu představce řidítek vložkami

Small insert is from high durable aluminium alloy and seats on the fork steerer tube. The cockpit will sit on this insert perfectly and two tightening bolts will keep all together. There is still also top stem cap with another bolt to be safe and which will keep the whole system togehter. There is not possible to turn this somehow during riding when all bolts are correctly tighten.

Must say that this insert system is very clever and elegant solution.

Yes it is truth that there is not possible to set the handlebars angle in the stem, because whole cockpit is from one piece, but you still have some possible angle setting!


How much of those possible settings there is? How much types of insert exists? What angles, which reach, which height of the handlebars there can be set? Many questions, but we have for all very simple answer, which we will describe below on attached pictures.

There can be made 5 types of angle / height / reach combinations!

You will receive with cockpit basic insert 0°, which is not changing the angle of the bars and all is in default setting, how the cockpit was made in factory!

Clean COMBO 0° cockpit insert

You will also receive 2° insert, with which you can change the cockpit angle for 2° up or in opposite way - down also for 2° with a turn of the insert on the fork steerer tube.

CLEAN COMBO 2° cockpit insert

There is also another 4° insert and same as above, you can change the angle together with reach and height of the handlebars. But now for 4° up or down.

CLEAN COMBO 4° cockpit insert

Before you will buy this cockpit, be aware and keep in mind the the setting options are limited compare to sepparated stem and handlebars. If you use some specific setting on your handlebars which is totally different from the possible setting of the CLEAN COMBO are bit screwed and there is not a possible way how to make this here. We also not recommend to make your own insert because you can loose the warranty!

Complete list of possible angle / reach / height setting you can see here in picture below.

CLEAN COMBO possible angle setup 

Final dimensions (reach / height / angle) is then:

0° insert = reach 240,9mm / height 150,3mm / angle 22,4°
2° insert = reach 236,1mm / height 158,7mm / angle 24,4°
2° insert = reach 245,3mm / height 141,9mm / angle 20,4°
4° insert = reach 231,0mm / height 166,8mm / angle 26,4°
4° insert = reach 249,5mm / height 133,2mm / angle 18,4°


You can now buy this cockpit only on trials bike 20" special CLEAN K1 20" WC resp. World Cup edition which is supplied with all possible carbon parts which CLEAN made.

If you are interested with this new cockpit and you want to know the final price it will be set around 480 € with tax.
Final weight is 369.86g (+ an additional 20.80g of the head cap and screw and 23.20g of the insert), for a total of 413.86g.

What do you say on this new COMBO cockpit? Do you want give it a try? Do you belive this is a future? Are you satisfied with the angle setting possibilities? Those are questions, which should answer every rider before a buy :-).


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