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We upgraded our eshop again! Now will be purchase on our trials bike eshop much more easier than before! We added on our shop payment with credit and debit cards!

The payment is made thanks to payment gate GoPay, which is very safe and also favorite on Czech market!

You can pay from today your orders directly on our shop with card! End of cash on delivery! So if you don't like payments with cash to courier or transport company, you can pay all during your order. Recently we added PayPal service and now is there another great payment option.

Thanks to GoPay gate are your card numbers and infos not stored on our shop! GoPay gate is very safe and controled by bank institute. Agains PayPal service is not necessary to have PayPal account. All you need is payment card with which is possible to pay on internet and all will be done in few seconds.

Payment gate GoPay accept payments in Euros (€), and also in Czech Koruna (CZK). You can pay with classic credit or debit cards Visa, Mastercard, or also with your GoPay account if you have one.

We belive you will like the payment trought GoPay with your cards same as we do!


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