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srp 01, 2020 0 Comments

Maybe you noticed that CLEAN TRIALS is working and testing new model of their brake lever, which should be available very soon on the trials market. So we are announcing which features will bring this lever with new model V4, but official name isn't known yet.


New brake lever have a totally new design, new shape and materials than previous model.
Here is a list of few updated things which you will find on new lever:

1) Forged lever and body
In previous model CLEAN T13 V3 was used CNC machine on the lever and body, but now comes those two parts in different desing. They are both forged from aluminium alloy 6061-T6 which is very durable and still keeps low weight.

2) Piston diameter 14mm
In previous models from CLEAN T13 V1 till V3 were used 13mm pistons, but now the "V4" model comes with standard diameter 14mm piston. The reason isn't known, but it is great news, because there is a possible compactibility with Magura HS33 and SamOne brake lever pistons, which have also 14mm diameter. CLEAN TRIALS piston is a bit different design wich two sealing o-rings (like SamOne Hydro-AJ lever) but there is possibility to use also others 14mm pistons from different brands. This compactibility was confirmed directly from CLEAN TRIALS!

Brake lever CLEAN TRIALS

3) End of special barbed fitting
On first sight you can see, that there is a big hole for Magura brake hose connection. This means that you finaly use standard Magura shroud nut for Magura calipers, not the special CLEAN small barbed fitting. This mean, that the instalation will be much mor easier, because is not necessary special tool to instal barbed fitting in the hose. Now you can do anything directly with bare hands! You will just need shroud nut and standard Magura olive which you are using on brake Magura brake calipers or with Magura MT disc brakes. Great move CLEAN!

4) Liquid in the lever
We discussed with CLEAN TRIALS if you can use different types of liquid in the brake lever like Antifreeze + distilled water fir faster and bit more sensitive feel on the lever blade, than with standard mineral oil. You can use this liquid in the lever, but be aware if you combine the lever with Magura HS calipers which are designed only for standard mineral oil Royal Blood or Shimano. If you will use different liquid in the Magrua calipers than mineral oil, you can destroy the sealing in them much faster than and this is at your own risk! So we do recommend, even it is possible to use different liquid in the lever, use standard mineral oil to keep the system safe and sealed.

Brake lever CLEAN TRIALS

5) Different spring
The spring below the piston which mainly makes the main changes in lever feel is now different. CLEAN TRIALS told that the brake lever should be very sensitive, but still easy to squeeze. We do not know how fast it will be the lever move, but we hope in very fast response and reuturn in default position.

6) New bleeding bolt
New bolt for bleeding the brake and whole system is now without had and completely hidden in the lever body. It is new type of grub screw without o-ring. Maybe you remember that same grub screw were used on old RB Design brake levers, but with small steel ball inside which sealed the lever. We don't know if there will be something similiar, or it will be sealed only with the special shape or torque on the grub. CLEAN add the special bleeding hose and bleeding bolt to the package with each lever.

Brake lever CLEAN TRIALS

7) Backward compactibility with CLEAN T13 V3 lever
We are bit disappointed here, but new lever will not be compactible with older brake lever blade. So if you have older model and you want to use soma parts from it on new V4 brake, you don't have chance to do it. The TPA wheel is also different, so almost zero possibility to use something from previous models.

8) Two colors
So as we know, the new lever should came in two color. Black as you can see on the pictures and also red one, which you maybe saw on instagram or facebook of CLEAN TRIALS.

9) New shape of lever clamp
Finally!!! They made a new shape of lever clamp which not only 100% flip-flop (you can use one lever on right or left hand, but finally is not necessary to take out the grips from handlebars if you want to change the lever for different one. So this means if you will broke or somehow destroy the CLEAN lever, you can change the lever easily for another. This is great when riding races and you need to change the lever fast to save some time.

Brake lever CLEAN TRIALS


When will be nev lever available for purchase in not known yet, but the factory is making of new lever's now, so we exptect them Very soon from CLEAN.

We don't know the final weight of the lever and also the final price for customers. Those are still hidden and unkown things for us. We belive that all comes soon out after the CLEAN TRIALS reveal new lever and send them to the CLEAN TRIALS dealers like is. Stay tuned for more info!

Brake lever CLEAN TRIALS


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