HeatsinkBikes thats synonym for unique design of brake pads made for trials! Yellow compound is made for medium or heavy harsh ground rims. Compound was made in colaboration with Aurel Fontenoy. Amazing bite experience - nothing more, nothing less!

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- unique CNC pad backings improve brake stiffness
- fitted to the brake cylinder using an O ring, this ensures a snug fit.
50mm body with 8mm of pad material tested by street rider Damon Watson or Aurelien Fontenoy ensures a long-lasting pad and great performance
- sold as pair (enough for one brake)
- weight: 32g

Once you wore down all pads material, dont throw the pads away, keep the cnc backing and change only pad material for lower cost!

Recomended use:
For medium or heavy harsh ground rims. Use medium harsh ground for better control, but very reliable hold, or heavy harsh ground rims for sharp bite and tremendous hold.


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