Front wheel 26" WAW | 2018


Complete front trials wheel 26" WAW 2018 is a great choice for those which don't want to lose their time to create a wheel from components. Rim WAW Light, Hub WAW for 9mm thru axle. Wheel is for rim brakes. Wheel spokes are butted and supplied with red anodised color. We do supply the wheel with front thru 9mm axle.

3,140 CZK
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- complete set of front wheel WAW 2018 
- set includes front rim brake WAW 9mm thru axle hub and WAW Light rim
- compactible with Cleep and Jealousy frames
- singlewall WAW Light rim with special shaped holes
- rim width 31mm
- H shape for better braking performance
- high durable butted spokes 2.0-1.7-2.0mm
- very light red anodised color
- 9mm thru axle is supplied with the wheel
- weight: 685g + 25g (thru axle)


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