Feewheel BONZ | screw-on | 36 engagement points


Standard screw-on freewheel from BONZ. Freewheel have 36 engagement points, which are very precise thanks to bigger pawls inside the freewheel mechanism. Stronger springs inside the body which brings very loud noise! 

Number of cog teeths
Freewheel engagement points
826 CZK
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- hight quality trials freewheel from BONZ
- freewheel have 36 engagement pints
- freewheel is a crew-on type with 1.37 X 24tpi screw
- this freewheel is possible to mount on cranks or compactible hub
- freewheel removing is possible thanks to ISIS key
- freewheel weight: 174g

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Spline system
Screw-on 1.37 X 24tpi

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