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Freewheel ROCKMAN | Screw-on


ROCKMAN BIKES freewheel with 135 engagement points! Extremly fast response from the pedal! This amazing amount of engagement points deliver big noise with every spin of your cranks! Fitted with extra strong springs, providing more positive engagement, a louder sound and reducing bedding in time.

Freewheel engagement points
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- trials freewheel from ROCKMAN BIKES with large number of engagement points
- 135 engagement points (3 offset groups of 3 pawls into a 45 tooth ratchet)
- each pawl is actuated with an individual spring, giving precise, reliable engagement
- dual sealed bearing design gives great driveshell stability, as well as allowing a unique design that requires no lockring (the bearings are held in place using an external circlip), helping to save weight
- the freewheel width is kept to a minimum
- laser etched ROCKMAN BIKES graphics on the drive shell look great
- available in 18 teeth size
- freewheel is designed for 1/2" chain lenght
- can be mounted on hub or crank arm (screw size: 1.37 X 24tpi)
- weight: 175g

BE AWARE: If you don't use rockring with integrated spacer (20" bikes with bashplate or some 26" bikes with rockring without integradet spacer) you need to use a freewheel spacer (1mm aluminium ring) between the freewheel and the bashring (or crank arm if you aren't using a bashring).


We highly recommend for all freewheels from all brands to rotate them in hands without any presure before instalation. Use oli like WD-40 or GT85 to ensure any excess grease used when assembling the freewheel works away from the mechanism. Inject the oil in to freewheel mechanism and rotate it at least 50x times full rotation. This process will clean the freewheel mechanism and you will get longer life! Repete this proces 1 time per month and you can use this freewheel much longer! Failure to bed the freewheel in correctly will void the warranty!

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Screw-on 1.37 X 24tpi

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