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Very simple but very effective bike carbon frame protector. Made from high durable carbon fibre, which is possible to put on the downtube. We offert this protector in two options for smaller 20" frame with smaller tube diameter and bigger 26" frames with wider donwtube. Protector is made for frames with rounded downtube.

620 CZK

  • Expedition in 24 hours. Expedition in 24 hours.
  • Return of unused goods within 14 days. Return of unused goods within 14 days.

- ultralight carbon fibre frame guard

- hand made in UK
- protects frame from scrathes, dents and other damages, that can significantly shorten life of your frame
- designed for very easy put (by pushing against the tube)
- available in two sizes, possible to use with almost any frame
- lenght: 270mm (both sizes)
- weight: 39g (small size), 42g (large size)


Small size fits to all frames with tube diameter around 44mm for example: Speedrace FANS, Rockman Manus/Aurem/Akali, ZOO! Python, ZOO! Piranha, Echo Lite, Echo Pure, Echo Team, Echo Control, Echo Urban, Czar 24, Inspired Fourplay, Ozna Comp 2010, Onza Blade 2010, Koxx Hydroxx (there are required anti-slip stickers with hydroxx)


Big size fits with frames with tube diameter around 50mm, for example. Koxx Sky frames, Rockman Slate V1/V2/V3, Rockman Switch, Rockman Glyph, Rockman Radix V1/V2/V3, Rockman Gabbro V1/V2/V3 etc.


Manual for right choise of guard size!:


Measure diameter of your frame tube diameter with caliper.
For size from 49 to 54mm choose large size!

For size from 44 to 48mm choose small size!

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