Crankset and BB30 bolt CLEAN TRIALS | M18x1.5


Bolt for CLEAN TRIALS 3P crankset, bottom bracket. Bolt is made from aluminium alloy 7075. Anodised red color and inbus key for ti inbus otvor for tightening. Delivered as a pair of bolts.

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  • Expedition in 24 hours. Expedition in 24 hours.
  • Return of unused goods within 14 days. Return of unused goods within 14 days.
  • BB30 bolt for CLEAN TRIALS 3P crankset
  • made for BB30 bottom bracket (is not compactible with AS30 CREWKERZ crankset)
  • made from aluminium alloy 7075
  • anodised red color
  • inbus hole for perfect tightening
  • 1pc supplied in the package


  • screw size M18 with slooping 1.5mm resp. M18x1.5
  • outer diameter of the bolt head  = 25mm
  • total lenght of the bolt including head = 26mm
  • lenght of the screw = 21mm
Clean Trials 2.0
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