Brake SamOne Hydro-AJ + calipers Magura HS33

Brake SamOne Hydro-AJ + calipers Magura HS33


Complete assembled brake SamOne Hydro-AJ toghether with Magura HS33 calipers. Brake lever made in Slovakia in AJ-Components! SamOne brake lever is pretty light - only 69g! Made from very durable AL 7075-T6 aluminium alloy and tested by Samuel Hlavatý and! Magrua calipers don't have any other competitior in their category!

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Brake place: Front

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Hydraulic SamOne Hydro-AJ brake lever blade was originaly made for very young rider to deliver more power with Magura 2005 brake body in his small hands! Manufacturer decided to make his own brake body and SamOne Hydro-AJ is a result of 2 years of developing. Brake lever is assembled with Magura HS33 brake calipers. Brake is pre-filled with original mineral oil Magura Royal Blood.

- SamOne Hydro-AJ brake lever comes with many improvements
- made in cooperation with number one Slovakia rider Samuel Hlavatý and also
- brake lever and body are made from high durable 7075-T6 alluminium alloy machined on CNC
- used 7075-T6 material is up to 80% more durable than 6061-T6 which is used by many other competitor brake levers

- BE AWARE: Don't fill this brake lever with distilled water! Distilled water isn't greasy and you can destroy the sealing and your brake lever can leak the liquid!

- flip-flop design allows use this brake lever on left or right hand
- assembled with Magura HS33 brake calipers for hydraulic rim brakes
- TPA system (TPA Wheel, bushings, and pin) is compactible with Racing Line, Magura HS33 model 2005 brakes
- aluminium 14mm piston (compactible with Magura HS33 brakes (all models) with 2x o-ring from NBR rubber
- hole for hose connection and bleeding hole are hidden close to the handlebars and the bleeding hole is in perfect position, air always rises to the bleed port exit, helping improve fluid change ease and always great
- lever blade distance setup from the handlebars is available thans to small grub screw
- 1-piece brake clamp without any bolt = eliminates injury of riders during jumps
- you don't need remove grips for remove the brake lever from handlebars
- specialy made hose connection and bleeding barbed fitting (is compactible with Magura barbed fitting)
- SamOne barbed fitting is delivered with small o-rings, which perfectly keeps brake fluid inside the braking system = there is no need tight those bolts with much power to destroy the screw inside the brake body (just to the small integrated "washer" on the barbed fittings)
- weight: only 210g (rear brake)

We do offer red or black color of the brake lever and front or rear model. Rear brake have a 115cm hose lenght and front 60cm.


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Brake SamOne Hydro-AJ + calipers Magura HS33

3,800 Kč