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Rim brake CLEAN T13 V3 (including Magura HS33 cylinders)


Complete trials hydraulic rim brake made from CLEAN T13 V3 brake lever and Magura HS33 slave cyinders! Very low weight = only 72g! Hydraulic brake lever CLEAN T13 V3. Body can be  spearate from a handlebar clamp so the brake lever is 100% reversible - made for left or right hand! Made on CNC machines! 13mm axial piston, which deliver maximum braking power in the system!

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Complete trials hydraulic rim brake CLEAN T13 V3 + HS33 cylinders, which you can only install on your bike, add a high quality brake pads from our offer and you can go on obstacles! Brake is filled with mineral oil Magura Royal Blood.

- new trials brake lever from CLEAN TRIALS made to maximize your braking power and smooth feeling = more precision during riding on your bike!!! Compactible with Magura HS33/HS11 calipers and standard Magura hoses
- long term tested by Abel Mustieles - owner of CLEAN TRIALS brand
- CLEAN T13 V3 brake lever is next model made on CLEAN T13 V2 but with many updates and revised focus on a quality

- brake lever body is made from one piece aluminium 6061-T6 on CNC machines
- 13mm piston diameter ensure better braking power! 16% more power, than with standard 14mm pistons like Maguras, Racing Line,... etc.
- piston is made from high durable plastic to ensure smooth feeling on the brake lever blade
- sealed with two rubber o-ring's
- brake lever blade maximize braking power on the calipers with minimum finger-strengt needed
steel spring under the spring is specialy made for this brake leverand better response of the brake lever blade
- minimalistic design and low weight
- brake clamp on handlebars is made with special focus on the bolts which are hidden in the body, so there isn't chance to hit the bolts with your knees or legs and feel the pain during riding
- TPA adjustment wheel for the precise setup of brake pads on the rims and push pin are made from high quality aluminium
- push pin have a rounded end so it will push the piston all the time directly in the middle of it
- M5 bleeding bolt and the barbed fitting are very close to the handlebars so the brake hose is more secure and hardly to pluck
- bleeding port and barbed fitting bolt are on oposite sides, means that you will have pretty much space for fittings when bleeding with bleed kit
- be aware that the standard barbed fitting like Magura HS33 / HS11, Echo or Racing Line will not fit in this lever (the all have bigger diameter of the screw)
aluminium body of TPA wheel are very durable
- compactible witMagura HS33 / HS11 calipers and standard Magura brake hose
- availiable in black anodised color with white CLEAN logo

We offer this complet brake in a front and rear model:
front - hose lenght = 70cm
rear - hose lenght = 125cm 

- 6061-T6 aluminium alloy
- 13mm brake piston
- weight of complete brake: 214g (rear - 125cm hose)
- two rubber sealing o-ring's

Brake lever is flip-flop (reversible), so it can be used for left or right hand!
Brake lever can be filled with mineral oil od distilled watter or antifreeze G11.

Our recommendation: 
We recommend to fill the brake lever in first of 6 months of usewith antifreeze G11 in combination with distilled water almost in ratio 2:1 (distilled water : antifreeze) or with minerail oil Magura Royal Blood. After 6 months of use is possible to fill brake lever with distilled water only with small amout of grease on the piston seals.

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