Hydraulic rim brake Magura HS33 | black | 2-finger


Hydraulic rim brake Magura HS33, which is legendary model of rim brakes Magura! HS33 brake is a highest model of rim brakes from Magura HS. Precise rim brake which is almost maintenance-free! Brake is possible to mount on every V-Break mounts thanks to EVO2 adapters, which are supplied with the brake. Brake is supplied with plastic Magura hose in lenght 2000mm. Package includes also all necessary parts for shortening of the brake hose on desire lenght. Brake is filled with original Magura Royal Blood fluid. Lever body is made with radial piston from patended Carbotecture® material. Lever is 2-finger from aluminium. Calipers are made also from aluminium alloy.

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Magura's unbeatable classic. The MAGURA top model of the carefree family scores with sheer reliability and offers increased braking power and low weight.

Huge braking power for rim brakes - The HS33 is the top model among MAGURA’s hydraulic rim brakes. The Carbotecture housing lowers the total weight of the brake, while the radial design is space-saving, providing a real braking feel. Equipped with automatic pad adjustment, the HS33 is a truly care-free brake thanks to the environmentally-friendly Royal Blood mineral oil.

Superior braking power - The HS33 is ready for any outrageous rides you care to throw at it! Superior braking power and the best possible modulation make the HS33 the perfect choice for any terrain. In the city, on trekking tours and trails, the HS33 gives you enough reserves to bring the bike safely to a standstill – in ANY situation.

  • hydraulic rim brake Magura HS33, which is a legend between Magura rim brakes!
  • brake model HS33 is a TOP model from whole HS rim brake family
  • precise brake which is also almost maintenance-free!
  • brake is possible to mount on every V-Break mounts thanks to EVO2 adapters, which are supplied with the  brake
  • brake is supplied with plastic Magura hose in lenght 2000mm
  • part of the package are also all necessary parts for hose shortening to desired lenght
  • brake is filled with original Magura Royal Blood fluid
  • brake body is made as a flip-flop from Magura patented Carbotecture® material
  • lever blade is 2-finger from aluminium with TPA adjustement wheel, so you can adjust the distance of brake pads from rim
  • distance of the lever balde from handlebars is possible to set with torx T25 key
  • brake calipers are made from one piece aluminium alloy
  • lever body is also made wiht Magura EBT (Easy Bleed technology) bleed port for easy bleeding
  • weight: 480g (complete brake including EVO2 mounts)
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Data sheet

Lever position
Left hand
Right hand
Number of caliper pistons
Brake model line
Recommended use
XC / Cross-Country
Caliper mount
V-Break (Cantisocket)
Lever blade type
2-finger aluminium

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