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Specific trial hydraulic disc brake HOPE TRIAL ZONE in black color. Unique trial brake, which crush every other brakes from other brands with his amazing quality and braking power. This brake is used by many TOP riders in the whole world. Isn't suitable for any other bike sport, thanks to her unique design!

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This brake is made specific for trials and no other cyclist sport! Her uncompromised braking "stopping" power don't allow to use this brake on XC, DH, etc. bikes.


Bleed with DOT 4 or 5.1 brake fluid. Don't use any other brake fluid - it will cause that sealing rings will swell and you will damage your brake. Bleeding with different fluid isn't covered by warranty!

Brake calipers CNC machined from single piece of 2014 T6 aluminium alloy, which together with 25mm diameter of the pistons gives the brake amaizing stiffness and great brake power. Piston uses magnet for safe mount of brake pads.

Brake lever is made from same material with same technology as calipers. Removable sleeve enables removing the brake easily without need to remove grips. Brake lever distance from bars can be adjusted.

DELIVERED WITHOUT ROTOR! You can buy rotor by your own choice here: ROTORS Brake is not compatible with any flowing HOPE rotors!!!

Black colored by quality elox and laser made graphics. Elox is resistant against scratches.

Available with IS (International Standard) or PM (Post Mount) standard mounts.
Delivered with standard black hose.
Ready for use after unpack.

Weight: 240g (without rotor)

IMPORTANT: (info about size of the caliper, reduction etc.)!
If you choose IS mount - your choice determine size of the caliper - no reduction needed!

If you choose PM mount the caliper is same size for every sizes of the rotor! Choice of (e.g. 180mm) rotor will determine which size of the reduction will be delivered with the brake! Please inform yourself before buy which size of the mount is on your frame / fork! Some brands (like KABRA Bikes) uses different size of the mount for 180mm rotors so you can use classic 160mm caliper without reduction.


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