Magura HS33 (pair)

Magura produces high quality brakes for many years, including the legendary HS33 hydraulic rim brake. Although brake design has changed through the years, the brake name HS33 remains the same. This particular brake is 2011 desing.

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Hydraulic rim brake Magura HS33

The new generation of the most popular rim hydraulic brake in the world. 

Brake body is made of new lightweight material and it is even stronger and lighter than ever before. Brake uses closed system without reservoir.

New brake desing allows replacement of brake lever guard, which is available in various colours.

New EBT technology for even easier bleeding of the brake. The EBT valve is placed in top of the brake and it is protected by plastic replaceable guard. Bleeding of the brake is thus much easier and any lever position changes are not necessary.

Magura uses the same encapsulation system as with previous brake designs and offers 5-year warranty for issues with brake leaking (after registration at

Brake is delivered with 2m hose, which you can shorten any time. Hose is made of firm nylon which doesn't stretch and thus the brake doesn't loose any of its efficiency.14mm brake lever piston guarantee great performance.

Flip-flop brake lever for use on any side of your handlebars! Just change the side you want your lever on!

Redesigned brake lever for even greater power, performance and comfort for braking with one or two fingers.

Redesigned brake calipers for great brake power. Hoses are now even better protected against tearing off by plastic covers.

The brake is filled up and ready for use. The brake package includes EVO2 adapters, which are designed for classic V-brake calipers attachement. By removing EVO2 adapters you can of course mount the brake with trial brake clamps.


Package includes manual and installation instructions.



By changing colour option, you are chosing only brake lever guard cover, not the brake body colour, which is only silver.


Weight of complete brake: 287g (1 brake, without adapters)



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