Adapter MAGURA HS EVO2 | black

Adapter MAGURA HS EVO2 | black


Complete set of MAGURA EVO2 adapter for mounting of Magura HS brakes (HS11, HS22, HS33) on your V-Brake mounts (Cantisocket). This set includes special mounts with bolts and also brake booster which keeps everything together and also makes the brake more stiffer an solid. Package also includes all necessary bolts and washers for mounting on V-Break Cantisocket.

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Adapter MAGURA EVO 2 will help you mount hydraulic rim brakes MAGURA HS on ordinary V-Break (Cantisocket) forks and frame mounts. Installation is very simple and also the setting of the brake caliper distance and direction of the pads on rim. Your wheel is possible to dismount from your bike, you just need to unscrew one bolt on the adapter or with quick-release mechanism (sold sepparately) without any other necessary tool!

  • complete set of MAGURA EVO2 adapter including all necessary bolts and washers
  • you can remove your wheel just with unscrew only one M6 bolt on the adapter
  • during the reinstallation of your brake calipers back to V-Break mounts is not necessary to adjust the distance of pads from rim again
  • EVO2 adapter mounting can be upgraded with booster for better stiffnes and also quick-release for easy dismount (sold sepparately) without any necessary tool
  • this adapter will help you enjoy the perfect braking power of legendary hydraulic rim brakes MAGURA HS on Cantisocket V-Breaks mounts and enjoy the ride
  • brake clamps are made from durable forged aluminium

Included in the package

  • 2x brake mount clamp (left + right side)
  • 1x booster EVO 2
  • 2x bolt for connection of brake clamps (upper bolt)
  • 2x M6 bolt with Torx T25 head for connection with V-Break Cantisocket (bottom bolt)
  • 1x bolt for quick-release (quick-release is sold sepparately)
  • 2x washer for Cantisocket V-Break (below EVO2 booster)
  • 2x divided plastic ring for caliper (for easy setting of direction and distance from rim)

MAGURA EVO 2 video installation:

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Adapter MAGURA HS EVO2 | black

1,250 Kč