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Spare part for your CLEAN T13 and RB Desing ERGO 1F brake levers. Sealing o-ring keeps the brake fluid in the system. Size 9x2mm, made from NBR Nitrile rubber - compactible with mineral oil. Perfect if you old sealing is damaged or exceeded lifespan.

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- spare part for CLEAN T13, some models of RB Desing ERGO 1F brake levers and Racing Line Nano
- o-ring with 9mm (inside diameter) x 13mm (outside diameter) x 2mm (cross-section)
- made for 13mm brake pistons
- made from NBR Nitrile rubber (compactible with mineral oils)
- don't use DOT brake fluids (it will damage the rubber)!
- not compactible with MAGURA HS11 or HS33 (14mm and earlier 16mm piston)

Some models of RB Design ERGO 1F brake lever had a different piston sealing o-rings with diameter 8x2,5mm. Please be aware and make sure that you measured right size of your old sealing o-ring.


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