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  • A2Z

    A2Z company which bring from her beginning all parts for disc brakes. Mechanical or hydraulic brakes can be assembled with A2Z comonents.

  • Ashima

    Ashima is a maker of all types or spare parts for all types of brakes. You can upgrade and service your disc or rim brakes with ashima spare parts.

  • Avid

    Avid is a icon between bike brands which belons between the best brake manufaturers. Avid belogns below the big brand SRAM, but keeps a still his great components and a legendary mechanical disc brakes BB5 and BB7 which are well known between all riders aroudn the world!

  • Bionic

    The BIONIC brand belongs below the ZHI Bike brand and, which was originaly started by YAO ZHI. Yao with his team of riders and also designers makes great trials bikes and parts for low price. Good quality for a good price, that is BIONIC which will save your wallet.

  • BONZ

    BONZ that is a brand from France, which is a in very close partnership wich OZONYS brand, which is creating one of the best trials framein thw world. The origin of BONZ was hand by hand with OZONYS trials frames which are combined with BONZ components. BONZ is characterised with  constant development, many carbon components and long range of top trials riders wich are testing all components during races and trainings.

  • Clean Trials 2.0

    CLEAN TRIALS 2.0 is a pure trials brand created by Abel Mustieles trials world champion on 20" trials bike! After he left Ozonys brand he decided to make his own unique brand CLEAN with which he fullfill his own dream about great trials bikes for all type of riders from young kids, to pro riders and also world champions! Abel and his designers made a amazing new high quality trials bikes and trials parts which are known all around the world! Carbon trials bikes which are one of the lightest trials bikes on the world!

  • Continental

    Very well know tyre brand Continental which creates one of the best bike tyres around the world. High quality bike tyres are hand made in Germany. High precision and quality control is a key factor when comes to the final and also safe and one of the best bike tyre. Continental brings to the bike market his experience from motorcycle and automotive tyre segment.

  • Coustellier

    Coustellier is one of the famous surname in the trials world. The 5 times champion Gilles Coustellier and his and amazing and skilled Giacomo Coustellier are using brake pads from their father. Coustellier green pads are legendary between all trials riders and they are used by many of TOP trials riders. Trials brake pads for hydraulic rima brakes which have proven their amazing quality in every condition. Tested and approved trials brake pads by trials legends! What can be more?

  • Crewkerz

    So what we can say about CREWKERZ.... Let's see.....maybe THE BEST TRIALS BRAND EVER! The CREWKERZ brand is well known all around the world. The roots of this brands started as a small ATOMZ company in France which brings to the trials market amazing inovations and also strongest bikes ever made!

  • Cross King

    CROSS KING is joung company from France, which from her beginning creates a sport clothing for all different types of bike disciplines. Last of her focus is in trials and one of his team member is e.g. Aurelien Aurelien Fontenoy which rides in MTB Elite 26" category!

  • CYCLUS Tools

    Cyclus Tools® develops and produces tools for professional bicycle garages, but of course it’s also appropriated for hobby technicians. Produced in Europe, these tools are permanently proofed by our quality checks.

  • DT Swiss

    Swiss well known company which creates on of the best bike components for all types of bike sports. Amazing spokes, niples, very strong bike rims DT SWISS which using many riders around the world. But the DT SWISS are also perfect hubs which unique ratchet system, rear shocks, front forks and others.

  • Ferdus

    Ferdus is a well known company from Czech Republic which originaly makes a materials and service tools for automotive. The greart history of ferdus and their experiences from automotive was also transfered to bike industry. If you want to repair your tube, the ferdus bike tool is the best one!

  • First Components

    "First All the Way" is a motto of company FIRST BICYCLE COMPONENTS CO., LTD from Tchaj-wan. First Components have more than 27 year of experience as a bicycle components createors. High quality bottom brackets, headsets and cranksets.

  • Heatsink Bikes

    Heatsink was founded in 2004 by me, Steve Spurgeon. I’ve always been a keen cyclist and with my Degree in Mechanical Engineering, 3D CAD designing skills and an open ear to the problems fellow riders want to be solved, I've brought many exciting Heatsink bicycle components to the market over the past 15+ years which have enhanced the joy of riding for many! I live in the county of Suffolk, England. My country-side location means I use my bikes every day for transport and relaxation, come rain and sun!

  • HEBO®

    HEBO® was created with focus to create unique clothing and protections for 2-wheel bikes of all types! Great sucess of HEBO was made in moto trials and also bike trials, which started a to grow each year since 1993. HEBO is constantly developing all their produts each year!

  • Hope

    Hope Technology is one of the world leaders in engineering bicycle components. Since 1989, owners Ian Weatherill and Simon Sharp have been pushing the industry forward through designing, testing and manufacturing virtually all products in-house at the factory in Barnoldswick, United Kingdom.

  • Javax

    All trials and also MTB bike parts from JAVAX are made in Taiwan with the percision and the focus on high quality for best price. Thanks to long term experiences in bike industry, they made a amazing bike components which you can use for professional but also for amateur use.

  • Kabra

    Kabra Bikes is pure trials company which was created in 2009 in Spain - Valencia by rider Juanda de la Peňa. Juanda created his own design of bikes and trials frames and also trials forks, which he is also testing and rides in competitions!

  • Kenda

    KENDA is a one of the most famous company as a tyre maker. KENDA is well known by all riders. They are very experienced tyre brand in the bycicle industry and creates tyres for all types of bike disciplines. KENDA is know as a perfect combination of great tyre for low value.

  • KMC

    If you are looking for good bike chain, you should look for KMC chains! KMC creates all types of chains for all bicycle disciplines. If you need chain for singlespee, or 10-speed, or 12-speed cassette, KMC have chain for everybody. Even very light chains are available! Legendardy KMC chains like Z610HX and also K7100 Kool are very famous as the strongest chains on market!

  • Magura

    Magura company is based in Germany and creates hydraulic disc brakes many years. Magura made so much legendary brakes like their famous hydraulic rim brake model HS33 and also Magrua MT brakes. Magura also created electronic seatpost or hydraulic fork.

  • Maxxis

    Like most great companies, Maxxis started small. Founded in 1967, Maxxis International began as a manufacturer of bicycle tires in Taiwan. Growing steadily, Maxxis eventually became the largest manufacturer of bicycle tires in the world – as it is today.

  • Mitas

    Czech producer of high quality tubes and tyres not only for bikes, but also for agro culture and other industries. Producer of extremly durable tubes for trials, but also for MTB or DH bikes.

  • Mortop

    Company Mortop was founded in 2005, based on more than 14 years of experience in bicycle component industry. The top priority is the quality of Mortop products, therefore all the production is under direct and everyday control in the Mortop plant in the Taiwan. Most of the production is accomplished by worker, making it possible to concentrate on details, very important factor in processing compound input products and achieving maximum quality. Every product from Mortop line is in a sense ”unique“.

  • OBR BIkes

    Young trials brand which came from Taiwan to bring back 20" trials tyres on the market. The short name OBR Bikes means "Own By Riders".

  • Ozonys

    OZONYS is a mainly bike trials brand, which was created by Bruno Arnold and developed together with OZONYS team riders very popular models of trials bikes around the world! They created unique design of all bikes and components BONZ! Ozonys CURVE or ROXXOR bikes. Those are very famouns bikes around the world between race riders like Gilles Coustellier or Dominik Oswald.

  • Play-Bike

    Young trials brand Play-Bike is comming from Taiwan. PLAY-BIKE is focused on trials bikes and frames and components which are especially made for trials. PLAY-BIKE becomes very famous between European and also Czech riders!

  • Pro-Carbon Racing

    Pro-Carbon Racing came from Great Britain like makers of carbon fiber parts and protectors for trials bikes and motor bikes. Long term experiences with carbon fiber parts means that Pro-Carbon Racing company is one of the best in the world!

  • Reset Bikes

    Reset Bikes is based in Canada and started their activity in trials with steel 24" street trials frame. After that they made first trials titanium bottom bracket which belongs to the lightest bottom brackets in the world.

  • RIBO

    RIBO is well know company which creates great trials shoes. They made in their history very good, well known and also favourite models with adjustable buckle and covered laces. Simple look of the shoes made for training, but also for races!

  • Rockman Bikes

    Rockman Bikes is a maker of amazing and light trials bikes based in Singapore and belong between the best trials brands in the world. Their design is very unique. The brand cooperates with many riders so they creates great bikes depending on the demand directly from riders.

  • SamOne Hydro-AJ

    Company from Slovakia which created one of the best rim brake lever in the world SamOne Hydro-AJ. Hydro-AJ is part of AJ-Components, maker of CNC parts for automotive, which is a guarantee of a high precision and quality. Hydro-AJ makes their CNC parts from best materials!

  • Sapim

    Founded in 1918 by Mr. Herman Schoonhoven, Sapim has been producing spokes and nipples of the highest quality for over a century! Sapim would not have survived over 100 years if it didn’t rely on the best and most motivated people which creates amazing and high quality products!

  • Schwalbe

    In 1973 Ralf Bohle imported bicycle tires from Korea to Germany for the first time. These were called Swallow. In these days, Germany was the biggest and most important market. For this reason “swallow” was translated into German, i.e. Schwalbe. Now is the Schwalbe brand one of the biggest bicycle tyre company in the world.

  • Scorpio

    All IN ONE. That is perfect description of Scorpio. Scorpio is brand which was born from experiences making trials bikes and components for other brands like CREWKERZ, CLEAN TRIALS, ROCKMAN BIKES and others. So Scorpio evloved from being one of the best makers of trials bikes, to one of the best brand which can not only make but also design one of the best trials frames and forks on the market. Thanks to the combination to be designer and maker in one is Scorpio one of the biggest gamer on the trials market.

  • Sting

    Sting is exlusively bicycle company which creates good and quality products. Their primary goal is make each product better with every new model and creates great and special look. Colorful components so every rider can choose their favourite color which fits better on the bike.

  • Super-B

    As being the leader brand of bike tools, their should be proud of the reputation for excellence. Based on brand experience in the industry since 1990, Super B has committed to manufacturing of bike tools and providing bike shops, professional mechanics, home mechanics and athletes with full range of excellent tools and solutions of repair service.

  • Trigon

    Trigon has been a manufacturer of carbon products for the last 25 years. However,the owners and workers have near 30 years of experience in manufacturing and designing carbon layup. Trigon has sourced the best carbon in the world.

  • VIZ Biketrial

    VIZ Biketrial company was know thanks to many colorful trials components. Their bike components has ben used by many TOP riders like Wesley Belaey, brother of the world champion Kenny Belaey. Quality of VIZ Biketrial parts is unbeatable.

  • Wellgo

    Wellgo was established in 1980, and mainly specialized in manufacturing bicycle components. They persist in following corporate culture and motto providing good quality, fast but thoughtful service and, special but useful design to all customers and consumers. Wellgo also creates one of the best pedals in the cycling world!

  • Yarrow Pro

    Yarrow Pro is a brand which creates lubricants, oils, brake fluids and bearings for bicycles. Their lubricants are one of the best in the world. Bearings are very precise.

  • ZHI Bike

    ZHI Bike is biketrials and also trials brand, which creates legendary rider YAO ZHI. Yao and ZHI team developed with other designers great trials bikes, trials frames and huge range of trials components. All those components are made in China, which makes them cheap. All components are made in various colors so every rider can choose his favourite!