Rim grinding


Rim grinding can boost the brake performance immediately. We will make the sidewalls bit more rough thanks to rim grinding. We use BOSCH grinder and 5mm grinding rotor on stone DeWalt or LUX Tools. All dust and o grease which are on the rim will be removed.

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  • Expedition in 24 hours. Expedition in 24 hours.
  • Return of unused goods within 14 days. Return of unused goods within 14 days.

- rim grinding with angle grinder
- we use BOSCH grinder
- we use 5mm rotor on stone
- we will make the sidewalls rough so the brake performance will be better
- all dust or grease will be removed with grinding

1) CHOOSE BIKE, WHEEL OR RIM = put the rim, wheel, or bike in the basket of order
2) CHOOSE RIM GRINDING = choose the amount of rim grinding depending on the number of parts / bikes which you want to grind
3) If you have any special requirements please add them in the note of order

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