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Brake lever blade MAGURA | HC | MT6/MT7/MT8/MT TRAIL SL | chrome | 1-finger

Price 950 Kč

Spare part for MAGURA brakes MT6 / MT7 / MT8 / MT TRAIL SL. Brake lever blade MAGURA HC is made from aluminium alloy. 1-finger model. Including reach-adjust in chrome silver color, where you can set the distance of the brake lever blade from the handlebars without any tool. Also including rivet...

Brake lever HOPE Tech 4 | black

Price 3,100 Kč

The HOPE Tech 4 brake lever builds on many years of experience in the design and manufacture of hydraulic brake systems. The HOPE Tech 4 brake lever delivers more force when compared to the previous Tech 3 lever (up to 30%). The HOPE Tech 4 lever uses an all new internal seal to reduce friction...

Brake lever MAGURA MT SPORT Carbotecture®

Price 1,000 Kč

Brake lever for Magura MT2 brake. MT2 is a entry model of Magura MT brake family. You can use this brake lever for Magura MT2 and SPORT version. Brake lever is made completely from unique material Carbotecture®. Brake is flip-flop so you can use the lever on left or right side of handlebars.

Brake lever blade HOPE Tech 3 | HBSP320 | with holes

Price 690 Kč

Replacement brake lever blade without reservoir for HOPE Tech 3 brake lever. Ideal if you managed to bend the old lever or even break it in a fall. Anodised colors, made on CNC machines in the UK. HOPE spare part number: HBSP320 or HOPE Tech 3 brake lever with holes.

Brake lever blade MAGURA | HC3 | 1-finger

Price 1,750 Kč

Brake lever model Magura HC3 is unique model from two pieces, which has ben developed in cooperation with Danny MacAskill. Shortened and carries a lot of features for individual adjustments. Every rider can tune in his personal braking feeling perfectly. A unique feature is the adjustment of the...

Brake lever HOPE Tech 3 | black

Price 3,100 Kč

Replacement HOPE Tech 3 brake lever, which can be found on most HOPE brakes from E4, through V4 to TRIAL ZONE version. This is a universal lever, for different models of brakes, which has both the ability to adjust the distance of the lever from the handlebars, as well as the ability to press the...

Brake lever HOPE Trial Zone | black

Price 3,000 Kč

The HOPE Trial Zone brake lever is a specific brake lever for cyclotrial and biketrial designed from the EVO model. The HOPE Trial Zone brake lever brings a weight reduction compared to the previous model and a modification of the expansion tank rotation. The HOPE Trial Zone lever uses the proven...

Brake lever blade HOPE TECH 3 | HBSP379 | with dimples

Price 690 Kč

Náhradní brzdová páčka bez nádržky HOPE TECH 3. Ideální pokud se Vám podařilo starou páčku ohnout, nebo dokonce zlomit při pádu. Černá eloxovaná barva, vyrobeno na CNC strojích ve Velké Británii. Náhradní díl HOPE číslo: HBSP379 resp. brzdová páčka s dolíčky.

Brake lever Magura MT7 PRO | HC 1-finger

Price 3,400 Kč

Brake lever Magura MT7 PRO with one-finger aluminium lever blade Magura HC. Brake lever body and also clamp are made from special patented Carbotecture® SL material. Brake lever is compactible with 4-piston calipers Magura like e.g.: MT5, MT7, MT TRAIL SPORT. Perfect 1-finger aluminium ergonomic...

Brake lever blade MAGURA | Carbotecture | MT2 / MT SPORT | 2-finger

Price 950 Kč

Spare part for MAGURA brakes MT2 and MT SPORT. Brake lever blade MAGURA is made from Magura patented Carbotecture® material. 2-finger model. The distance of the brake lever blade from the handlebars can be adjusted with torx T25 key. Also including rivet for attachment to lever body.