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Headsets, grips, handlebars for trial bikes


Headsets, handlebars, grips, stems and another trials parts which you need to steer your trial bike. You can find all you need in our offer. Carbon handlebars, aluminium handlebars, tapered headsets, ahead headsets and stems in many sizes. All in our offer.

Price Kč130.00

CLEAN to je značka za kterou nestojí nikdo jiný než sám Abel Mustieles, který je několikanásobným mistrem světa na 20" kole! Po svém odchodu od značky Ozonys se rozhold jít za svým cílem zbudovat novou unikátní značku CLEAN, skrze kterou si plní svůj sen!

Price Kč130.00

Very light foam grips from ROCKMAN BIKES. Those grips are very famous between riders which prefer riding without gloves. Properly placed grips does not rotate or slips of the handlebars at all! Grips partly soaks water and sweat and prevents hand slipping.

Price Kč140.00

BONZ foam grips of 3mm and 4mm thickness. Foam grips are great for riding without gloves. You have more control riding your bike, but you also risks some potential injury. Whatever you can use foam grips also in gloves so you will not loss good contact with your bike without problem and the possibility of injury. Grips are made from durable PVA foam....