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Rim and disc brakes and brake pads for trial bikes.


Brzdy ať už ráfkové nebo kotoučové jsou nejdůležitější součástí každého biketrialového a cyklotrialového kola. Správný výběr typu brzdy je velice důležitý a je třeba mu věnovat opravdu náležitou pozornost. Nabízíme nejvíce používané typy brzd pro trialová kola od značek HOPE, MAGURA, AVID, SHIMANO a dalších.

Disc or rim brakes are one of the most important part of every trials bike. Good choice of your brake can change the distance of the jump or the risk wich you can make with every move. Please keep in mind, that whole bike and body weight of the rider hanging on the power brakes. We do offer only the best brakes for trials on the market from HOPE, MAGURA, AVID, SHIMANO and others.

Price Kč9.00

Distancing spacer with 0,2mm hight for a centering of a brake caliper or differenc components. Can be used on many types of calipers with IS or PM mount. You can get most from the braking force if you pads contact the whole rotor surface. Spacer is made from steel and inner diameter is in size for M6 bolts.

Price Kč13.00

Another spare part for SAMONE hydraulic rim brake lever. Grub screw in 4x6mm size. Grub screw is made for better connection of lever blade and brake lever body and also rivet. For tightening is necessary hex key. We do not recommend to use big force during tightening which can damage the rivet. We recommend to use little bit of low strenght glue on screws.

Price Kč13.00

Another spare part for SAMONE hydraulic rim brake lever. Grub screw in 4x10mm size. Grub screw is made for distance adjustement between lever blade and handlebars. For tightening is necessary hex key. We recommend to use little bit of low strenght glue on screws.

Price Kč25.00

Sealing o-ring with size 4x2mm for rim brakes SAMONE Hydro-AJ. Ring is made from nitrile rubber (NBR) and is used for sealing of the brake lever system. This ring fist on the barbed fitting bolt and closing bold. We recommend use this sealing with plastic lubricant type LV 2-3.

Price Kč40.00

Barbed fitting (insert) for Magura disc brakes. You can use this insert for all disc brakes from Magura MT family (excluding MT2). Easy instalation in the hose without tools or with a small tap with a hammer. Olive and shroud nut is sold separately.

Price Kč50.00

Náhradní díl pro brzdovou páku HOPE a zejména pak pro páku HOPE TECH 3. Pod zkratkou HBSP311 se skrývá pojistná závlačka brzdové páky, která zabraňuje vyskočení nýtu, který spojuje brzdovou páčku s nádržkou.

Price Kč55.00

Bleeding and filling bolt / barbed fitting MAGURA for all disc brakes Magura MT and Magura HS rim brakes. Bolt have a shorter thread M6 and it is supplied with 2x o-ring which better seals the system when connected to caliper. O-ring is possible to put on the bolt thread side. We recoomend to use transparent bleeding hose. Magura spare part number: 0721225

Price Kč75.00

Tubing guide for forks from MAGURA. Can be mount on different forks, not only Magura's forks! Tubing guide can be mount also on CREWKERZ JEALOUSY frames for hose from rear brake caliper. Made from flexible plastic and supplied with bolt for tightening.

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