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Handlebars lenght

Handlebars lenght

Aluminium handlebars

Quality, strong handlebars are neccessary for save riding. We choose for you only quality handles, so you dont have to worry about smashing your face. We have bars from many manufacturers, in many variants.

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Price 744 CZK

Aluminium handlebars CREWKERZ made for kids trials bikes, or for those who likes shorter lenght of the handlebars. 680mm wide, 80mm high. Diameter of the middle section is 31.8mm. Available in anodised black color. Weight 348g.

Price 810 CZK

Aluminium handlebars CREWKERZ which are supplied on DESIRE bikes. Verdy durable aluminium handlebars 720mm wide, 103mm high. Diameter of the middle section is 31.8mm. Available in anodised black color. Weight 308g.

Price 868 CZK

Trials aluminium handlebars from CLEAN TRIALS model High Riser V2. Made from high durable aluminium alloy 7075. Lenght 720mm and total rise 103mm. Oversized diameter 31,8mm in the middle section and 22,2mm diameter of the end of bars so it will fit there any grips on the market! Weight 297g.

Price 992 CZK

Vysoká hliníková řidítka WAW High Riser. Délka 720mm se zaoblením do vlaštovek. 12° zahnutí madel nahoru, 9° zahnutí madel dozadu. Výška řidítek 113mm. Ideální volba pokud máte radši vyšší řidítka a postavení více na zadním kole.

Price 1,157 CZK

Aluminium handlebars WAW Street made especially for street-trial bikes. High handlebars with angles made for city street riding. Durable aluminium construction from 7075 T6 aluminium alloy with total rise 130mm. The middle section in 31,8mm and the total lenght is 735mm.