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Drivetrain for biketrial and  trials bikes


One of the most important bike parts on your trial bikes is drivetrain - cranks, chain, cog, freewheel, chan tensioner, bottom bracket and other small parts. We offer ISIS bottom brackets, or BB30 / AS30 bottom bracket or ISIS cranks. Aluminium or steel cogs with many engagement points. There is many options to choose the right trials part for you.

Price Kč75.00

Spare part for CLEAN TRIALS 3P cranks. Spacer which is usualy used on right side of the crankset. Spacer keeps the outer teeth of the freewheel CLEAN 135p/18T on the main body. Red anodised color.

Price Kč450.00

KMC je proslusým výrobcem řetězů pro celou škálu cyklistických sportů a nejnom pro ně. Jejich řetězy patří mezi nejlepší na světě a díky svému širokému spektru působnosti si vybere naprosto každý.

Price Kč950.00

Chain tensioner for CLEAN TRIALS / CREWKERZ trials bikes. Tensioner with spring, which keeps the chain in perfect position so the chain last longer than with classic snail tensioners.

Price Kč600.00

Very light chain from KMC tested by many TOP riders in world. X9-93 is made for 9 speed cassettes but it can be used for singlespeed bikes. Weight is 288g in total lenght of 114 links.