The integrated headset is part of the front of the bike frame, which is used to attach the fork and overall steering of the bike. Unlike traditional threaded headsets, which consist of several separate parts, integrated headsets are simplified - the bearing is inserted directly into the bike frame. This design allows for reduced weight and improved stiffness of the bike, which increases its overall handling. Integrated headsets are often used in today's modern mountain and road bikes, but they also find their application in trials bikes. Their main advantage is their higher stiffness, lower weight and modern look. Replacing the integrated headset is very simple and requires virtually no special tools.

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Headset CLEAN | integrated | 1-1/8" - 1,5" | red

Price 850 Kč

Very lightweight integrated CLEAN head assembly for tapered or tapered head tubes of 1-1/8" - 1.5" frames such as the CLEAN K1 and CLEAN X3 frames. The integrated head assembly is inserted directly into the frame, where there is no need to press any pans or insert bearings. The bearings are...