Rear wheels 20"

We offer complete rear wheels 20" for trials bikes directly from trials bike makers, or our own made wheels made on order. We offer very light complete trials reear wheels which are on the market, or standard wheels build with bigger weight but also more stiff and less expensive. We offer front wheels with disc hubs or non-disc hubs for rim brakes. Our wheel are made for thru axles or also standard vertical dropouts.

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Rear wheel 20" CLEAN X2 | V2 | DISC

Price 3,600 Kč

Complete trials rear 20" wheel from CLEAN TRIALS model X2 version V2. Almost same like on CLEAN X2 trials bike, just different rim with 20" diameter for young riders which doesen't jump on rear wheel so much. Rear hub CLEAN CONE is 116mm wide with disc rotor 6-bolt mount. Screw on hub where is...