Front wheels 26"

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Price 2,975 CZK

Complete lanced trials 26" front wheel CLEAN X2. With this type of front wheel is are assembled also CLEAN TRIALS X2 trials bikes. Perfect and light front hub from CLEAN TRIALS, black spokes, red aluminium nipples and very light rim CLEAN V2! All hand made lanced by CLEAN TRIALS and ready for use directly on your trials bike!

Price 3,140 CZK

Complete front trials wheel 26" WAW 2018 is a great choice for those which don't want to lose their time to create a wheel from components. Rim WAW Light, Hub WAW for 9mm thru axle. Wheel is for rim brakes. Wheel spokes are butted and supplied with red anodised color. We do supply the wheel with front thru 9mm axle.

Price 3,264 CZK

Kompletní trialové 26" přední kolo WAW 2017 je jasná volba pro ty co nejchtějí ztrácet čas skládáním z dílů do kompletu. Ráfek WAW, náboj WAW pro pevnou osu a ráfkové brzdy typu Magura HS33. Výplet lehkými dráty Pillar 2.0-1.7-2.0mm, hliníkové červené niple.