Crew-on singlespeed sprockets for trials and biketrials bikes. Screw-on sprockets have a screw with wich can be assembled on cranks or hubs. We do offer range of screw-on sprockets with various number of teeths or the position of teeths which can be on side or in the middle of the cog base. Aluminium or steel cogs are available. Steel sprockets are very durable and aluminium ones are very light and they are used on racing trials bikes.

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Sprocket CREWKERZ | steel | screw-on | 7mm | theeths on side

Price 620 Kč

Screw-on single speed sprocket CREWKERZ. Sprocket is made for all hubs with thread screw, or cranks with screw thread. High durable construction from heat threated steel in black color. Theets are on the side of the sprocket base.

Sprocket CLEAN | steel | screw-on | 10mm

Price 500 Kč

Screw-on single speed sprocket from CLEAN TRIALS. Made from heat threated steel alloy. 10mm wide base and theets in the center of the sprocket base. Extremly durable with in black color. Compactilbe with all 1/2" chains.

Sprocket CREWKERZ | steel | screw-on | 10mm

Price 620 Kč

Šroubovací pastorek CREWKERZ. Pastorek je určený pro závitové náboje, resp. ty náboje, kde se pastorek šroubuje nokoliv nasazuje. 12/13/15zubů resp. pastorek je určený pro 20/26" kola! Pevná konstrukce z Cr-Mo v černé barvě.

Sprocket CLEAN | steel | screw-on | theets on side

Price 500 Kč

Screw-on single speed sprocket from CLEAN TRIALS. Heat threated steel alloy. 10mm wide base and theets on side of the sprocket base. Extremly durable in black color. Compactible with all 1/2" chains.

Sprocket CLEAN | aluminium | screw-on | 12mm

Price 550 Kč

Aluminium single speed sprocket from CLEAN is a perfect choice if you want to save another grams on your bike. Black anodised color and very wide 12mm base. Standard screw-on system.

Sprocket OBR | aluminium | screw-on | 10mm

Price 450 Kč Regular price 600 Kč

If you want to save some weight from your rear wheel, there is another thing you can do. Change your steel sprocket for aluminium one! Very light single speed sprocket. Very wide 12mm base and theeths are in the center of sprocket base.

  • -150 Kč
  • - 150 Kč