24" tyres

The 24" tyres we offer are designed not only for biketrial and cyclotrial, but also for street trials and freestyle trials. We choose the most used 24" tyres that are resistant to punctures during jumping and tricking. When choosing a tyre, you should also take into account the weight of the rider and choose the weight or resistance of the tyre accordingly. A light tire will not support a heavy one, and likewise a heavy one will give the light one nothing but unnecessary strain on every jump.

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Tyre KENDA K-Rad | compound SRC | 60TPI | wire | 24" x 2,5"

Price 1,180 Kč

More than 10 years after its launch, the K-Rad is as relevant today as when it first appeared in BMX parks around the world. It's still a popular choice for riders of all levels and abilities for front and rear wheel use. The K-Rad is still a classic. The KENDA K-Rad can be used as both a front...