Disc brake spares

If you need repair your disc brake and not to buy another one - new one, you can choos from our offer of spare parts. We have wide offer of spare parts for HOPE brakes, Magura brakes and others which are mostly used on trials bikes. Slave cylinders, hoses, sealings, bolts, brake levers etc.

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Olive for Maguar hose

Price 15 Kč

Olive for brake hoses Magura. Olive can be used for kevlar and also plastic Magura hoses. You will use this olive after cable shortening or new installation / replacement of master. Olive will press the hose inside the lever or caliper thanks to sleeve nut, so the hose is firmly connected to the...

Brabed fitting with M6 screw for Magura hose

Price 45 Kč

Original barbed fitting with M6 screw for Magura hose. This barbed fitting is used with all brakes which uses plastic hose like rim brakes Magura HS11, HS22, HS33, HS33 R, or MT2. Barbed fitting should be pressed in the hose with special tool or inside vise with proper adapters and hammer.

Brake hose HOPE | 5mm | kevlar

Price 200 Kč

Originální brzdová hadička HOPE určená pro všechny typy brzd HOPE. Vnější průměr 5mm, kevlarové opláštění a vnější pokrytí plastem, který zrabraňuje prodření. Hadička je velice pevná a téměř vůbec se nerozpíná i při vysokém tlaku!

HOPE Tech 4 brake lever cap | HBSP424

Price 250 Kč

Replacement cap for brake lever expansion reservoir HOPE Tech 4 The cap is offered in several colour variants. The cap is painted in high quality anodized finish and comes with 2x M3x8mm screws. When buying the cap, do not forget to choose the correct side of the lever (left or right)!

Magura disc brakes hose insert

Price 50 Kč

Barbed fitting (insert) for Magura disc brakes. You can use this insert for all disc brakes from Magura MT family (excluding MT2). Easy instalation in the hose without tools or with a small tap with a hammer. Olive and shroud nut is sold separately.

Bleeding and filling bolt MAGURA MT and HS

Price 55 Kč

Bleeding and filling bolt / barbed fitting MAGURA for all disc brakes Magura MT and Magura HS rim brakes. Bolt have a shorter thread M6 and it is supplied with 2x o-ring which better seals the system when connected to caliper. O-ring is possible to put on the bolt thread side. We recoomend to use...

Torx screw HOPE M3x8mm

Price 18 Kč

Replacement torx bolt for HOPE brakes, size M3x8mm. The bolt can be used for fixing HOPE brake lever piston stop or for other HOPE brake components. Replacement screw is sold in 1 piece.

Adjuster bolt for HOPE brake lever | HBSP219

Price 230 Kč

Adjusting screw for HOPE brake lever to adjust the distance of the lever from the handlebar and the lever step or the distance of the pads from the brake disc. The screw is made of aluminium and is available in several anodised colours: black, blue, red, orange, purple, silver.

Bleed bolt EBT for calipers MAGURA MT

Price 50 Kč

Spare original MAGURA bolt in EBT bleed port for disc brake calipers MAGURA MT (all models 2015 / 2017 / 2019 / 2-piston / 4-piston). Small bolt is made from steel and keeps the fluid inside the braking system. BE AWARE! Tightening torque of this bleed port bolt is max. 4Nm, or you can damage it!

Adjuster bolt for HOPE brake lever | HBSP219

Price 230 Kč

Adjuster bolt for HOPE TECH 3 brake lever for distance adjustement of lever blade from handlebar and also for the brake pad adjustement from disc rotor. HOPE spare part number - HBSP219. Bolt is made from aluminium alloy and is available in many anodised colors: black, blue, red, orange, violet,...

Hose cover for MAGURA MT and HS

Price 30 Kč

Spare part for MAGURA HS rim hydraulic brakes or MAGURA MT disc brakes. Brake lever hose cap to prevent breakage at the hose fitting. The cap slides onto the fitting and wraps tightly around it.

HOPE hose olive | HBSP159

Price 70 Kč

Spare part of HOPE hydraulic brake fittings number HBSP159 - hose olive. Thanks to the olive, the hose will be perfectly pulled onto caliper or lever and the brake system will be sealed at the connection of the hoses to the lever or caliper.